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The second component of the Tri-Point system is maintaining a properly balanced diet. There are a certain number of calories a person needs to consume each day in order to stay healthy. This number varies depending on your age, activity level and your personal goals. It is very possible to consume your entire daily amount with just a few high-calorie items but the likelihood of getting the full range of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs is very unlikely. If you consume 100 more food calories a day than you burn you’ll gain about 1 pound in a month. That’s about 10 pounds in a year. The bottom line is that to lose weight it is important to reduce calories and increase physical activity.

At Shape Health and Fitness we customize a Meal Plan to fit each individuals personal (not everyone wants to loose weight!) needs and goals. We help you choose low calorie and nutritionally rich foods to eat daily – all packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients that the body needs. Each Meal Plan is designed to easily fit into a busy lifestyle and is by no means overwhelming. Shape Health and Fitness has a high success rate and this is due in part to our meal plan, which provides an easy transition into a realistic and healthy lifestyle.

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