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Fitness is a way of life. Shape Health & Fitness is here to make it part of yours. We can help you learn ways to master exercise management, healthy eating habits, and daily conscious living.

Our philosophy is to approach your goals holistically. Every program includes not only a training regimen, but also nutritional planning and supplementation counseling.

By working one on one with our professionals, you will experience a total-body conditioning service designed to challenge and assist you in your fitness goals. Each session focuses on the key components to exercise: flexibility training, strength conditioning, and cardiovascular activity. All sessions conclude with a custom protein shake. Showers are available for after your workout.

Our Goals:

  1. Improve your overall fitness;
  2. Reach or maintain a healthy weight;
  3. Help you transition into a healthy lifestyle;
  4. Insure proper form and technique;
  5. Learn new skills.
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