Fitness is a way of life. Shape Health & Fitness is here to make it part of yours. We can help you learn ways to master exercise management, healthy eating habits, and daily conscious living.

Our philosophy is to approach your goals holistically. Every program includes not only a training regimen, but also nutritional planning and supplementation counseling.

By working one on one with our professionals, you will experience a total-body conditioning service designed to challenge and assist you in your fitness goals.

Each session focuses on the key components to exercise: flexibility training, strength conditioning, and cardiovascular activity.

Showers are available for after your workout.

Improve your overall fitness
See Changes In Your Body 100%
Reach or maintain a healthy weight
Feel Better All The Way Around 100%
Help you transition into a healthy lifestyle
Learn How To Maintain Health 100%
Insure proper form and technique
Maximum Effect / Less Injury 100%
Learn new skills
For Life 100%

For Men

V Power System

Do you dream of broad shoulders, powerful back extending into a small ripped mid section?

At Shape Health & Fitness Vernia Smith has developed a program just for you to accomplish that.

Using specific training techniques, the “V Power System” will broaden your shoulders, develop your back and give you a strong core giving you that coveted V look you’ll be proud to show anywhere.

Enroll in the “V Power System”- its intense and will get you in the best shape of your life.

For Women


“After Baby Abs” is a specialized workout plan developed to concentrate on the abdominal muscles of postpartum women.

Using a unique and effective method Vernia helps moms get their abs and shape back in no time!


“Hourglass Shape System” is a way for women to reach this desired shape.


Shape Health & Fitness has specialized weight loss programs for teens looking to shed body fat and get in shape.

With the epidemic of young people who are obese and candidates for things as diabetes, it’s important more than ever to correct the problem during those special formative years.
Our trainers can help your teen learn how to eat right, exercise, and take the proper supplementation for a strong fit body-resulting in a life time of better health. It’s important to set good habits during these years to ward off diseases that come way too early from being out of shape.
Our programs boost confidence, strength, endurance and key lessons in caring for oneself from a physical perspective. Whether your teen needs to lose weight or wants to get stronger for their sport, Shape Health & Fitness knows how to properly educate and train teenagers to maximize their potential.
Call today and find out how we can help the teen in your life get in the best shape of theirs!

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