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After your initial consultation, if you decide that Shape Health & Fitness is for you, here is what you can expect.

What you get?

We formulate a workout plan that is tailored to what you are trying to acheive. Your current vitals are taken : height, weight, body fat, sizes etc., to set your starting point. After which you may be asked to perform various exercises to determine what level your trainer will start you on.
Your trainer will formulate a workout plan and your personalized workbook will contain educational material about the Shape Health & Fitness program, including dietary considerations as well as your personalized meal plan and supplement list.
When Joining the Shape Health & Fitness Program you get:

  1. A personalized workout regimen designed to push you while keeping you injury free.
  2. A personalized meal plan that helps you feel full yet keeps you from over consuming.
  3. A personalized supplement list that gives you the edge and assists you hitting your goals faster.
  4. A complimentary Protein Shake after every workout

Shape Health & Fitness is MORE than a personal trainer telling you what to do in the studio. Its a lifestyle of health through training, balanced nutrition and supplements that give you the edge. Call us today to learn more about how our program is helping people lose weight, get in shape, change their lives and keep their bodies at optimum performance.

With our Platinum and Gold Programs you “Tri-Point system” which includes:

1. Meal plan with daily caloric intake
2. Somatotype workout guideline
3. Recommended supplement list

With our Silver Program you get “Tri-Point system which includes:

1. Meal plan with daily caloric intake
2. Somatotype workout guideline

With our Bronze Program you get “Tri-Point system which includes:

1. Somatotype workouts

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