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At Shape Health & Fitness your workout program is determined by your body type. In the 1940s Dr. William Sheldon proposed a theory about how there are certain body types that he called somatotypes. He claimed that there are three types: endomorphy, mesomorphy, and ectomorphy.

While there is no specific “somatotype test” Dr. Sheldon did develop the somatotyping system that attempts to classify people by body type By Assessing certain characteristics: are grade you on a scale of 1-7 within each of the three body types. In this manner, we come up with a three number score (endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph).

A 7 is a perfect match and a 1 is a low match. So a pure endomorph would be 711, a pure mesomorph 171, and a pure ectomorph 117. An average person who is slightly endormorphic would have a score of 6-4-4. An average person who is slightly mesomorphic would have a score of a 4-6-4. An average person who is slighty ectomorphic would have a score of 4-4-6.


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