About Vernia Ray Smith

Vernia Smith, Founder
Champion Body Builder

Shape, Health & Fitness founder and fitness expert Vernia Smith has over 25 years of experience in competitive level athletic training. At age 55, he is a prime example of how hard work and rigorous training pays off with dedication.

Vernia understands the benefits of being in peak physical shape and uses his personal and professional experience to help his clients with every aspect of their health. He approaches fitness with his Tri-Point Philosophy.

This system combines exercise, diet/nutrition and supplements in of way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Vernia has developed different training systems to fit different fitness needs...

V-Power System

Designed to give men the
“V-shape” by building the shoulders and shrinking the waist.

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Hour Glass System

Focuses on giving women a narrow waist along with strong shoulders and glutes.

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After Baby Abs

A specialized workout plan that concentrates on the abdominal muscles of postpartum women.

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Fit For Life

A specialized workout plan that helps teens learn how to be fit for life

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About Vernia Ray Smith III

Vernia Ray Smith III (aka Ray), personal trainer and athlete, son of Shape Health & Fitness owner Vernia Smith Jr. Ray has over 17 years of strength and conditioning experience, having played football at every level. High school star in football and state competitor in track.

Ray knows what it takes to take your athleticism to the next level. Earning a full athletic scholarship to Northern State University and ending his college career at Alabama Faulkner eagles where he earned All Conference honors.

With a stand out college career Ray was given the opportunity to get invited to the NFL regional combine, three NFL training camps, and one pro contract for the CFL. His professional career was cut short due to a back surgery. Ray has made full recovery, and has found a way to come back stronger than ever and is now training as a bodybuilder.

Through his 17 years of strength and conditioning experience he has had the pleasure of helping others along the way by helping them adopt a fitness lifestyle. Through personalized nutrition and exercise plans, he is here to keep you motivated, accountable, and get you ready to get in the best shape of your life! Are you ready to be great?

You can check Ray out on his Instagram @fithawkfitness where he posts fitness related content which includes, full workout videos, his go to meals, progress pictures, and a ton of other free content for you and his viewers to check out! So make sure to go follow him for all his free fitness content!