Woman’s Workout Plan

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Woman’s Workout Plan


Our workout routines, body goals and daily lives have been altered – and for some of us – put on pause completely.
Father and son duo Vernia and Ray Smith have teamed up to bring some light during these dark times with a
workout program you can do in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Shape, Health & Fitness Founder, Vernia Smith has been in the fitness world much of his life, having trained,
competed and dominated at every top-level bodybuilding stage. Passing his knowledge and passion onto his
son and protégé, Fithawk Fitness Founder Ray Smith, Ray has been involved in the fitness world his entire life,
participating in various strength and condition programs, as well as collegiate athletics.

Their knowledge and expertise combined with their many years of experience are the ideal collaboration.
Together, they’ve developed a personalized at home workout program for both women and men. Vernia and Ray understand not everyone has workout equipment at home, which is why their program was created with top-notch calisthenic exercises aimed to hit every muscle in your body.

Each exercise was handpicked, with the goal of providing maximum lean muscle gain and optimal fat loss – all by using your own bodyweight.
Vernia and Ray are extremely excited and proud to share their knowledge and a program that will help you dominate your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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